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The Babajide Olowodola Foundation (The Foundation) is a nonprofit, non-governmental agency set up to leverage partnerships with local and international organisations to provide high quality support to individuals living with sickle-cell disorder (SCD), their friends and family members. The goal of the Foundation is to reduce the suffering experienced by such individuals and their families by assisting them to live full and productive lives through the provision of pastoral, economic and social support, as well as provide education on the condition to support providers such as teachers and health workers to ensure sufferers receive appropriate care and support at all times.

Our Goal

The Babajide Olowodola Foundation was set up as a direct response to the suffering experienced by individuals with SCD and their families. The Foundation is committed to reducing the suffering caused by the complications resulting from sickle-cell disorders (SCD) and to help individuals with SCD live healthier and productive lives. It engages in programs that are aimed at helping people survive, recover from and alleviate the complications related to sickle-cell disease (SCD).


Raising public awareness of sickle-cell disease (SCD)


Developing practical solutions to allow people with SCD live healthier and more productive lives


Provide psychosocial support to people with SCD and their families


Mobilizing public support for appropriate care for individuals with SCD


Serving as an educational resource to SCD patients, carriers of the gene and their families


Promoting and collaborating with research focused organizations in the field of sickle-cell and related diseases and


Partnering with sponsors and donors to raise and allocate funds for the achievement of these purposes.


Coalition of Sickle Cell Clubs and Support Centers for coordinated activities towards breaking the sickle cycle


Empowering individuals and Mothers to be self-dependent and sustain resources

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