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Our Services

To the extent to which the endowment yield and any sponsorships and grants will allow the Foundation will engage in community outreach programs that include but are not limited to:

  • educational campaigns that build awareness of SCD and related conditions and

  • programs that provide services such as

    • genetic testing and counseling,

    • case management and

    • psycho-social support for individuals and families impacted by sickle cell disorder.

The Foundation will pursue extensive public awareness using various media organs including but not limited to electronic and print media, schools, hospitals and churches. In addition to traditional avenues such as fliers, talk shows, workshops etc, the Foundation will promote technology based strategies for awareness creation and wider application of improved treatment approaches and strategies. It will promote the development of strategic products e.g. an android based applications for

  • clinical management of SCD

  • requesting support services for individuals with



  • offering support to individuals with sickle cell disorder and their families

  • creating general population awareness for the disease as well as strategies for community and

    home based

    support including preventive approaches such as genetic testing and counseling and

  • awareness training for health care providers, teachers, religious leaders, employers etc.

To the extent that available funds will permit, the Foundation will focus on the following specific services among others

Promotion of Genetic Testing and Counseling Service

  • provide genetic counseling at schools, hospitals, churches etc using trained (volunteer or paid) persons

  • Prenatal Diagnosis/Counselling:

Assist couples who have real possibility of bearing children with sickle cell anemia, find out the haemoglobin genotypes of their unborn child in early pregnancy, so timely and adequate information, support and counseling can be provided

Train the trainers

Newborn Screening/Counseling:

Provide free genotype screening through Schools, Hospitals and Churches to enable early diagnoses of affected children early in life and thus introduce timely and life saving interventions to prevent avoidable suffering and death. The goal is for the public health services to make it universal.

Clinical Services

promote improvement in the standard of healthcare for sickle-cell disease patients through advocacy

provide free drugs and medical procedures to persons with sickle-cell disease

attract donors’ support to train,


and provide free drugs in strategic hospitals in states across the country. The goal of this intervention is to demonstrate to the host State Governments, the beneficial impact of Sickle Cell Clubs/Support centers on the lives of affected persons and hopefully, encourage them to take over the running of Sickle Cell Clinics and expand their coverage within the State.

Psychosocial support

  • promote opportunities for social interaction

  • promote successful persons with SCD as mentors and role models to others

  • provide trained professional carers so parents and carers of persons with SCD can take a break

  • Support to


    and families during periods of crisis

  • provide information on treatment options and current management resources

Educational Support

  • offer scholarships to talented persons with SCD

  • empower and sponsor apprenticeship placement to persons with SCD

  • offer other support services as appropriate